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Mobile Development

Open Projects specialise in creating applications that run on the mobile device (as opposed to web content designed to be viewed on it). We have experience of integrating databases both through dedicated web services with secure data transfer, and by using SQL Server CE databases on the smart device itself.

Common mobile device applications include:

  • Stock taking
  • Auditing/inspection
  • Labelling
  • EPOS
  • Price check
  • Field marketing

One of the great attractions of mobile applications is their flexibility, they are a source of constant invention, and innovative use of mobile applications can give your business a significant advantage over the competition. The ability to carry 'tools' and resources around in your hand provides opportunities not just to make savings in time and costs, but also in some cases to expand into new markets.

With improvements in size, processing power, cost and battery life of hardware, applications such as these have become more practical and affordable for small/medium sized companies.

Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that we have the experience and expertise to turn your vision into a reality.

For an example of our work, please take the time to read the Rascal Systems case study.