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mnadis™ retail

Electronic trading for retail newsagents

mnadis™ retail is a software system for retail newsagents to allow them to trade electronically with their supplying news wholesaler.

The software is installed on a personal computer located on the retailer's premises. It provides a complete database of the news products supplied by the wholesaler. The database is constantly and automatically kept up-to-date with the wholesaler's computer system by the regular Internet exchange of data files formatted to industry standards.

Retailers are kept up-to-date with the latest title and issue data so that queries from members of the public can be quickly resolved in the shop. Details of each news delivery are available to the retailer well before the actual delivery arrives. The system is compatible with common EPOS systems which can automatically be updated with barcode and price data.

Common transactions such as order changes, requests for extras and claims can be entered directly without calling the supplier's service department. Electronic invoices and credit notes can also be passed and reconciled against deliveries and returns. Net sale history is retained eliminating the need for manual records.

  • Improved supplier/retailer relations and communications
  • Man-hours saved by retailers re-keying
  • Time and money saved in supplier customer services
  • Errors eliminated reducing waste
For a full set of features checkout the mnadis™ retail overview