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mnadis™ executive

Decision making software for news executives

mnadis™ executive is an executive information system designed specifically for news distribution/circulation managers.

The software holds its own database of financial and circulation data relating to the performance of your company, its suppliers and customers. The database is updated regularly using data extracted from your existing computer systems, yet it is compact enough to fit on your laptop.

How many times have you extracted information from the corporate database into a spreadsheet or presentation package to create a tabular or graphical display? What if those displays were available at the click of a mouse? This is what mnadis™ executive provides!

The program operates in a hierarchical manner, similar to Windows Explorer. The operator simply 'drills down' through the data to select the level at which to enquire and then clicks on one of the pre-programmed statistical displays to interrogate the data at that level.

  • Instant answers when and where you need them
  • No need to trouble the IT staff
  • Point and click user interface
  • Multiple displays and easy comparisons of data
  • Cut and paste into other Windows applications