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Incentive for manufacturing staff

What does Slips do?

Slips is a gross pay calculation system aimed at the manufacturing sector and is appropriate where staff are paid according to the quantity and quality of the work they produce. It is a system which monitors the productivity of each staff member and calculates their gross pay for the period using average productivity.

How does Slips work?

Each task carried out in the factory is assigned and valued in 'standard minutes'. The number of standard minutes generated and the actual minutes spent by each operator, are entered each day or gathered from clock card equipment. Time spent on non-productive work is also entered so that an accurate productivity for the day can be calculated for each staff member.

The pay rate is derived from a pay scale according to the category of work and using the operator's average productivity at the start of the pay period. A daily payslip is produced for each operator confirming the productivity achieved.

At the end of the pay period a consolidated pay slip is produced which also shows the new average productivity and its associated pay rate effective for the new pay period.

A high level of management information is produced which analyses the efficiency of each operator, section and the factory as a whole. Details of time lost from absenteeism, machine breakdowns, training etc. is also highlighted.

What would be an example Slips installation?

Slips is implemented within a manufacturer of clothing for a large high street retailer. Some 300 operators are paid according to the time they attend up to a weekly contract maximum. A pay scale is set according to the class of work for all productivity levels between 0 and 250%. The operator's productivity is calculated over the previous 12 weeks. Allowances are made for time spent on such non-productive tasks as training and meetings. An industry wide wage agreement and the national minimum wage levels are protected.

What benefits will Slips provide?

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Easy identification of wasted time
  • Easy identification of staff requiring additional training
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Easy access to data for queries and ad-hoc reports

What are the key operational features of Slips?

  • Configuration database
  • Database of current staff records
  • Retention of unlimited pay history
  • Multiple pay scales
  • Production of key management reports to suit your needs
  • Up to eight categories of non-productive tasks