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mnadis™ customer services

mnadis™ customer services (mcs) is a hosted web site for handling customer queries and transactions. It could be used by a news wholesaler giving customer services to it's retail newsagent customers. However, it could equally be applied to other parts of the supply chain. Rather than telephoning the supplier's customer service desk, customers have direct access to their account using the Internet.

mcs was particularly designed to interface directly with a mnadis™ database. However, suppliers using other circulation/distribution systems can also take advantage of the system, by choosing from a number of database synchronisation options. The system can also be configured to operate in a number of different ways. For example, customer's order changes may be applied immediately or written to a holding area where they are reviewed by order processing staff.

  • Internal staff cost savings in the customer department
  • Increased level of service to customers
  • No customer time lost waiting for service desk calls to be answered
  • Service available 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Improved customer communications and relations
  • Website hosted in a secure and protected datacentre providing high bandwidth access
  • Full range of newspaper and magazine titles available for interrogation using title name, barcode or interest group
  • Full display of orders currently placed on the wholesaler/distributor
  • Ability to request changes to the order level of any title
  • Ability to view past net sales history by issue
  • Ability to view latest deliveries
  • Ability to view all recent customer documents (delivery notes, invoices, recall notes etc.)