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A dynamic diary for clubs and societies

What does BlueBook do?

BlueBook is a program which tracks regular meeting dates of clubs or societies. The primary objective of the system is to produce a calendar which summarises all meetings taking place at any location and during any time period.

What would be an example BlueBook installation?

The system was originally written to produce the calendar section of the Nottinghamshire Masonic Year Book. Freemasons in Nottinghamshire belong to one or more of some 220 lodges. Each lodge has its own schedule of meeting dates which can be quite complex. For example a lodge may meet on the third Tuesday in the months of October to April, or the last working day after the 26th of the month. To produce the full calendar of meetings for a year, between the seven Masonic centres in Nottinghamshire is a time consuming affair. With BlueBook all the operator has to do is to ensure that the database is kept up-to-date with any changes in lodges or meeting schedules, and production of the calendar for a year then becomes a trivial matter.

What information does the BlueBook record?

BlueBook maintains a database which includes the following information :-

  • Meeting types
  • Meeting places
  • Meeting details

Each meeting can store details of the meeting's:

  • Type
  • Reference code
  • Description
  • Location
  • Scheduled dates

What type of output will BlueBook produce?

BlueBook will produce output calendar information in a variety of formats :-

  • Screen display calendar
  • Printed calendar
  • Text for import to a Desktop Publishing system
  • Internet enquiries

Can BlueBook run on the Net?

Yes, a version of the BlueBook program is available to run on the Internet. Open Projects have created for Freemasonry a web site www.worthymasonsall.org where the meeting dates of all lodges by province may be displayed. The web enabled version includes all the functionality of BlueBook detailed above, but the internet version additionally allows users to create their own personalised diary of the particular lodges of which they are a member, or to which they receive an invitation. Users can also add personal notes to their diary.