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What kind of company uses us?

Our client base covers a wide range of companies from small businesses to multinational organisations, both in Nottingham and across the UK.

Very often our clients have their own IT departments and wish to undertake a development project without impacting on internal resources, in many cases to be supported internally. We are well accustomed to this kind of situation and very aware of the associated concerns many customers feel about in-house maintenance issues. Here at Open Projects we offer not just high quality software that is clear and easily extensible, but also the highest standards of documentation and training for a smooth and disruption free transition.

We are also commissioned by companies without their own IT staff who require a long term commitment to the success and future support and development of the software. Our support staff are intimately involved in the project development and so have the in depth knowledge necessary to respond to your needs.

In both these cases the key to our success is the customer relationship that grows during the lifetime of the project. We are happy to show evidence of this success to prospective clients, by providing direct customer references on request.